Juliska Glassware

JULISKA GLASSWARE Juliska glass is mouth-blown by artisans in the hills outside Prague. The unique composition of Juliska glass allows it to be blown especially thin, making the glass an unexpected pleasure to drink from and to handle. Being handmade, no two pieces of Juliska are identical. Each has its own individual character – small bubbles, slight color and size variations. Uniqueness is thus guaranteed. Each piece of Juliska glass is individually signed, as a guarantee of its authenticity and quality
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Graham Small Tumbler


Graham Flute


Graham Footed Goblet


Graham Small Goblet


Graham Lg. Goblet


Isabella Lg. Tumbler


Isabella Tulip Lg. Goblet


Isabella Sm. Tumbler


Isabella Tulip Sm. Goblet


Isabella Tulip Footed Water


Isabella Carafe/Vase


Florence Md. Tumbler


Victoria Tall Flute


Pair of Amalia Flutes - GIFT BOXED


Isabella Small Rd. Pitcher - GIFT BOXED


Amalia Lg. Round Pitcher


Isabella Lg. Round Pitcher


Mini Vase Graham


Harriet Fishbowl Vase


Isadora Vase


Amalia Round Vase


Naomi Vase - GIFT BOXED


Lg Pitcher Graham Clear


Ella Large Tumbler


Amalia Lg. Pitcher


Colette Dessert Plate-Clear


Colette Dessert Plate-Green


Colette Tumbler


Colette Footed Goblet


Colette Dessert Bowl


Colette Dessert Plate


Double Old Fashioned


Amalia Large Balloon Wine


Colette Pitcher


Amalia Wine Decanter


Graham Decanter


Berry & Thread Pitcher


Harriet Tall Footed Compote


Isabella Medium Footed Compote


Isabella Small Footed Compote


Isabella Medium Cake Stand


Isabella Small Cake Stand


Isabella Large Cake Dome


Isabella Large Cake Stand


Amalia Large Cake Dome


Amalia Large Cake Pedestal


Isabella Large Cake Dome/Pedestal Set


Amalia Large Cake Dome/Pedestal Set


Ursula Tea Cake Dome/Pedestal Set


Ursula Tea Cake Dome


Ursula Tea Cake Pedestal


Isabella Medium Cake Dome/Pedestal Set


Isabella Medium Cake Dome


Graham Large Revere Bowl


Berry Medium Revere Bowl


Tessa Small Revere Bowl - GIFT BOXED


Harriet Large Covered Urn


Graham Small Covered Urn


Amalia Fluted Candy Dish


Amalia Sugar/Jam


Amalia Creamer


Isabella Sm. Canister


Isabella Mini Canister


Isabella Tea Light/Vase


Isabella Bedside Carafe Set